Want to give a sweet impression? Gift a gift that virtually everyone loves: Cookies! You can, however, make the gift look even better with the right packaging that looks as wonderful as the cookies taste. Here’s how to wrap cookies as a gift that will warm hearts as much as tastebuds.  

How to Package Cookies for Gifting

Are you looking for fun and creative ideas for sharing the gift of cookies? First, unless you know the cookies are going to be eaten immediately, avoid packaging different types of cookies together. Otherwise, the flavors can mingle and change the taste profile of a favorite cookie.

Second, while you want to give the gift of fresh cookies, you do want to make sure they’re cooled down to room temperature before packaging. That way, they won’t stick together or get soggy due to trapped moisture. Another consideration is texture. Packaging soft and crunchy cookies together can change the textures of both types of cookies, and not for the better. 

Finally, cookies can be fragile and break apart, so don’t overpack or overcrowd the cookies. If you’ll be shipping or traveling with the cookies, it’s also a good idea to make sure each cookie is secured in place and is temperature controlled, so they don’t get damaged in transit. 

In addition, you can make the cookies look more like a gift by how they’re packaged. Here are nine fun and creative ways to wrap cookies to give away:

  1. Load up a muffin tin: Especially if you’re giving away a selection of cookies (from oatmeal raisin to chocolate chip to snickerdoodle and more), you can separate the cookies into different sections in a muffin tin. This way, the flavors won’t mingle.

    Choose a muffin tin with 6 hollows rather than 12, so the cookies will fit comfortably. To finish, you can add colorful muffin liners or a festive ribbon that fits the occasion. Not only does this make a lovely presentation, but you’ll also give a gift they can continue using in the future.
  2. Classic cookie tins are available at various craft stores as well as dollar stores. Many have themed options for all sizes and shapes to suit any occasion, from the holidays to birthdays to baby and wedding showers and more. Add your own flare with food-safe muffin liners, tissue paper, or decorative elements. 
  1. Think outside the cookie tin to other unusual vessels. Everything from paper cups to baskets to pails to trays can provide an attractive cookie container. Again, you can use muffin liners or food-safe tissue paper to individually wrap cookies, so they can be stacked or layered for an attractive gift.
  1. A Ziplock bag can also be transformed into a lovely package by adding some correctly-sized and themed scrapbook paper to place behind/beneath the cookies. However, we recommend choosing a more subtle paper pattern to allow the cookies to stand out and be the stars. You will also want to keep the bag flat and lay the cookies in a single layer, so they don’t crowd into each other. When in doubt, add muffin liners or individually wrap each cookie to help keep them separate.
  1. Baking pans or cookie sheets—either made with actual metal or the “disposable” (yet reusable) aluminum varieties can be affordable and dressed up for lovely ways to package cookies for gifts. You can get round, square, rectangle, loaf, or other shapes that can be wrapped up with colored cellophane for a pretty presentation. As a bonus, if they come with a lid, you can wrap it with appropriately themed wrapping paper to dress it up even more. They offer a blank canvas, allowing you to use your creativity to make them more festive and have fun.
  1. Wine bags aren’t just for wine. They make a delightful option for a stack of the same types of cookies. You can even tie the top of the bag to help keep the cookies fresh for longer. If your cookies aren’t the right shape, there are other cellophane bag options that are inexpensive, easy to find, and simple to fill and tie for a fun, easy gift that looks fabulous.
  1. Mailing tubes offer a great way to securely package cookies. They’re available in several different sizes to help prevent your cookies from getting crushed and crumbling before they arrive for a bigger splash. Individually wrap each cookie to help protect them and keep them fresh and finish by covering the tube in colorful striped paper reminiscent of old-fashioned candy.
  1. Lunchboxes, especially themed or retro varieties, make a fun, unique package to give cookies as gifts. Many also have separate sections, so you can give a variety of cookies that bring back childhood memories. 
  1. Mason jars are another receptacle for stackable cookies that allow you to see the delicious treats ready to be eaten. Just add a ribbon, strip of fabric, or a bow for a simple and sweet reusable gift once the cookies are devoured. 

How to Wrap Cookies as a Gift Takeaway

In our opinion, there’s no wrong way to give the gift of cookies. These popular and delicious treats are almost universally loved, even if you simply use the box they came in from Munster Cravings (which we think is pretty darn cute). How to wrap cookies as a gift just allows you to add your own creative flare and some extra protection to keep the cookies fresh and delicious on the way to the celebration.